Why do we work?

If you’re at all interested in the Youtube vlogging space, you’ve probably stumbled upon the objective titan of the field Mr. Casey Neistat. When he’s not working on making daily vlogs and short films, the man is hustling hustling hustling- a meteoric embodiment of productivity come to bring apocalyptic destruction to your blase potato-chip and brownie existence.


In one of his most recent vlogs, entitled something like “why do we work???” – hence my own title-theft – Neistat cited obnoxiously famed behavioral economist Dan Ariely. The p*p psychologist answer said something about a human need to accomplish and finish things, or in the words tattooed on Mr. Neistat’s forearm: “Do More.” Now whether this human need is so ingrained or even relevant to work at all is arguable.

If you’re a raging incarnate being of cosmic energy made corporeal, then maybe you could stand the weight of what work entails: its endless judgment, the cycling of standards both private and public, a procession of dead souls like Hades’ river of lost dreams from the universally beloved film Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, its evocation of the past.

But if you’re anything like me, and let’s hope you’re not, work is more like draining food directly from your stomach. Suckity-suck-suck, your innards are gone! Yes, it’s a bit like having your cake, eating it too, but being so stuck on the icing the resultant nausea eclipses in spectacular vomitus all over your cute attempt at work.

Work! Rather have me interned in a moth-suit passing out fliers to the new lightbulbs and chandelier shop down the street nothing could be more humiliating and effectively confounding at the same time.


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