Huh, look it, WordPress now has a “WRITE” button spotlighted on its owner’s view of their webpage. Oh god how many analogies of the stalking predator of late night promenades have already been made about this lovely new addition to these hollowed grounds? Digital sanctity aside, I’m assured that my long break from all forms of totalitarian habitry leaves me with absolutely no claim to complaint now that I’ve returned. Burn that last sentence.

Let’s go on with the usual malfeasance. The semester has restarted anew- and yes “restarted” not started. Not many people come to campus with such a blurry shot in the distance view of the world. I should be happy about continuous baptism, locomotive isotropy. I would say the semantic structure has dissolved to syntactical semblances of preferential perfection but that is an actual word:

Isotropy is uniformity in all orientations; it is derived from the Greek isos (ἴσος, “equal”) and tropos (τρόπος, “way”). Precise definitions depend on the subject area. Exceptions, or inequalities, are frequently indicated by the prefix an, hence anisotropy.
“Uniformity in all orientations.” I can deal with that. Recounting all my orientations of late:
On Friday I was Snorlax from popular kid’s show/movie franchise/neuro-addictive dynasty “Pokemon” i.e. Pocket Monster. Cheerful stuff.
On Saturday I finished my philosophy paper on Montaigne and Bacon. I only used I once.
On Saturday I finished my philosophy paper on Montaigne and Bacon. I only used I once.
On Sunday- you know what? On Sunday I had a fantastic time. It was all the fun bits from Enter the Void without the death, sexual trauma, and whatever the hell else is in that movie I never did finish. I read a poem I had got on the toilet late in the morning and then a love letter that I got last Thursday evening. It was met with a staggering amount of noise and the lights were bright up there and I couldn’t stop shaking for fear of losing my bowels.
No I’m just kidding that phase of my life is over. I now have burps and farts but no accompanying coolness factor. All the things I love come into my life too late.
That’s why I’m restarting this semester “anew.” Understand the metaphor? Gosh I didn’t even provide one but what do you think of first, orgasmic transformation or a simple dip in cold pond water? I’d say the latter.

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