It’s hot and cold

Hello world. There’s so much I’m not ready for.

I’ve been experiencing cold systems (:)) for the past few days.

I had a fever last Friday. For a night I had shivers and sweats. When I opened my eyes I mistook dawn for dusk. I stayed in bed all day anyways.

Last night on the way back I out-coughed myself, recovering each fit with increasingly calm countenances to test how far I could try losing lung matter gracefully.

Everything’s been great today. I woke up with a much better throat situation. It didn’t feel like a metal trap. I had a breakout of this weird eczema rash that engulfs my face. It didn’t go too far this time thankfully and is already decreasing.

The rest of the day I rested (till 4:30) when I woke up. The whole day was relaxing to say the least. I had a great time just laying in bed, or sitting at my desk, watching Girlboss on Netflix. It’s okay? I liked some parts. I cried when she had Christmas dinner with her dad.

Trying to find new shoes. The ones I wore everyday summer 2016 and for a lot of the school year had finally cracked. There’s a split in the sole where water gets in.

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