this is an unusually serious posting for me, loki the painting tell me your eyes’ livesss. No, so I’m working at the Starbucks East Coast Warehouse and my manager fired three people in one day. I don’t know anyone, but I did see one of the people stay extra long in the office. I guess they were crying.



Ruf! That’s not all. Yesterday I saw a pair of snails doing it (doing it!) on the side of a flattened McDonald’s Happy Meal box. It was gross and flaming mushed all in the two minutes it took for one to come and leave.

Have you heard of the show “The Unusuals” ? It’s like an investigative police drama, where every cop has a dirty little secret and a “quirky sense of humor.” SENSE-OF-HUMOR. Do you know the movie Marvel called The Avengers avenging the Avenged half-time all-the-time avenged for? Yes, that one, he shot arrows!!!!! nO MORE, no here’s he is serious (W/A SENSE-OF-HUMOUR) and no arrows. It ran from April 2009 to June 2009.


Hey, we’re here with Paul! We’re going to break some nodules.


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