10-track inauguration playlist for your listening pleasure..don’t mind the middle school webcam pic of me and my friends. or do mind it. we’re edgy.

come on! everyone does it sooner! you don’t really think you look good do ya, look good do ya, look good do ya ~

hi everyone, mostly myself, mb two years from now. I’m reflecting on my near-finished first week of my last Hofstra semester – isn’t it brilliant? on and off.

Until last semester i hadn’t really understood what it meant to have a mental health episode within a greater experience of time. Measured in months, I had taken the long semester to be just a tiny bit shorter than its actuality – my mistake. i’m relearning basics


semester I have about 8 things going on –

  1. my internship –


It’s going good!

Very pumped to have my own zine published and stocked in the zine store. I’m also helping out this super tight creative named Amy who makes zines by bringing her stock into the store, so I’ll have by the end of April experience in stocking from both ends – as the producer and as the stockist.

Check out Amy’s stuff here:

cover of the zine i made on email magic

2. i’m making some zines! seen above

  • 3. ye i’m checking out all the dope layout options provided by WordPress. Lists! Woww – so this blog / website might be my third thing! Check in for posts bout the internship, cool events, cool videos. and follow me on instagram bc i post way too often on there @dalanium

we’re trying pull quotes!

my citation is of myself



I’m really happy with my mental health right now. I do feel like I need to cry most of the time – all emotions are valid etc.

Hellllll yea

right. We’re waiting on a hero!

45-7? all my classes? that was the main purpose of this post anyways. Anyways! they’re going great! I’m taking design and visual strategies with a former art graduate who’s now a major programming master! we’re going hard into infographics. I get to do an individual project about data journalism! for the whole semester. I’ma learn illustrator in that design class and Ima make some grimy illustrations of cool sloths and flying self-conscious urinals. It’ll be a razor.

For my other classes:

see yall soon!

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