playing the accordion

really interesting history of the accordion book….! even more complex than I thought. Thinking of making one – the knowledge of its tradition has both intimidated and inspired me. Thanks for this!


I know just about everyone (myself included) has been especially down with the japanese stab binding lately, so I thought I’d venture into the land of the accordion book.

…but haven’t we all made a cheap fan in elementary school by folding & refolding a page over & over to keep cool on a hot day in the classroom? Yes, we may have secretly learned the according style book without even knowing it at the age of 8.

After looking to expand the possibilities of this seemingly adolescent style, there’s really many ways to take it to complex levels. I personally love interactive things (like Ashley’s post on Unbound Books) & am still wanting to hold onto that idea. Everyone loved pop-up books at some point, or any other book where there was something surprising about the actual, physical BOOK itself on the next page.

There is still that bit…

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