Have you ever taken the time to look at your keys when you’re typing?
Just look at them, look look look, it’s scary. Syntax to semantics shit. Right? These things are easy. Touche. 
Woolly mammoth python breaks circles FUCK 

Today in rewind. “right what’s do gotta you, city your in”

Listening to John Maus talk about contemporary music and the mainstream conversation around it. Roommate watching The Big Short. Going out going in deeper. Sucking out water from the sink to kill toothpaste when it was a foam when it was a paste. Wringing out my air to collect discomfort. Ah that’s the stuff. Grah.

Man, so that places me back to Slaughterhouse-Five days. Scroll up to pg. 155, flip back to chapter 7. Valencia dies at this moment, she drives to the hospital next. I don’t swallow those goddamn pills yet and I don’t listen to music that bounces off the back of my head like we’re playing wall ball.

Roommate leaves arrives, takes some water out places some in. I CALL A MAN.

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