What we were put on this earth to do

To disclaim, there’s an infinite amount of religious sides of myself out there. This isn’t one of them. This is just a quote.

“This world is not a place where we can be happy. It wasn’t created for man’s happiness, though many believe this is the reason of our existence. I think we are here to fight, so that good and evil can clash within us, and good may prevail, thus enriching us spiritually. It’s difficult to say whether we are happy or not: it doesn’t depend on us… There are times when one regrets being born, but life also gives us surprising things that, alone, are worth living. The issue of happiness doesn’t exist for me: happiness as such doesn’t exist.”

Andrei Tarkovsky

When I first read this I couldn’t even feel it. I let it pass by like a stranger in a corridor- like an indoor breeze. I still don’t feel it going through me. It’s left on this page, exhumed from my original save point (a tumblr draft) and taken to this blog in hopes of a restoration toward a time when I can read it and know.

3 thoughts on “What we were put on this earth to do

    1. Thanks for commenting Charles!
      Here are some of my thoughts: Although I don’t presume to understand Tarkovsky entirely, I think the director’s sentiment is intended to paint the purpose of life as not to achieve happiness but to move pass it. Excuse the awkward wording there. I think the monks you reference are an example of this ideal redirection, and I agree that there are useful questions sponged between these thoughts.

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      1. Of course! This idea of happiness has been rebounding a lot in my life, lately. I’ve either been thinking about it a lot or I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about it/what it means, on social media. So it just gets me thinking. Moving pass happiness is an interesting concept, though. I wonder what that would feel like?


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