I use gmail drafts for writing because I want to show people my writing someday in the future-made ready to send. I use tumblr drafts in a similar fashion, but I guess it’s more private, although I have put some on public platforms. Personal confessions, self-pity and love. 

Writing-reading ratio 

Not in words, or content size. Effort then, time. 

1:3 is optimistic

more like 


On myself (a memory an event, a whole phase or a theme, a person) a chapter a day- 1,667 words/day, 50,000 in a month (apparently) 


Before I start reading 🙂 3-5pm~ 

schedule, I might wake up at that time and start reading right away, or extend the writing time to 5 if anything to be written comes from sleep 

Subtracting 7-8 hours from that —-I would have to sleep at 6-7am 😉 which is the time I’m writing this. 6:26 am, but actually 7-8 am for 7 hours. Ofc. 

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