Writing is easy

It’s easy to be an eloquent writer, take something mundane or thoroughly uninteresting and add interest to it- agitate it like you would a bowl of salad or bottle of pickle juice. Pound it with your over-interpretive analysis of its properties and significance.  There’s a word I’ve forgotten, it was a part of my lexicon that I abandoned in 12th grade. I had a garbage chute that I tossed all my aspirations for journalistic merit down- tied up and labeled “pretentious”. I’m digging them out today, it’s in one of my docs – I know it. I focused more on developing an ironic sense of irony, where nothing I wrote or did was serious- even if the whole f**k u attitude was taken seriously, it still wasn’t, like a retarded mobius strip in multi-layers. I focused on editing my excess use of words- partly beause of Wilde’s suggestion in a piece we read last year. Trying to find that correct balance of expressive fluency w/o the nauseous prevalence of my stuck-up style. This led to much use of colloquialisms and trying-hard-to-not-try-hard instances of absolute failure. It didn’t make sense anymore (like the last sentence). Maybe with my departure from this style I can somehow salvage from both long-term experiences a combination of the two extremes. Use more commonly recognized words, but don’t be afraid to use a word that truly helps you explain your point. Keep it simple but elaborate on points that are important to you or the assignment at the time. Although I would like to think that my mind is a steel-trap for words and their definitions, but these past months (almost a year) has made me realize what I already knew- without practice even the most convenient words fade away. Wish me luck, I affirm that expedient, effective and expressive writing will come into my life. Let it be!

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