2014 me in shambles:

GODDDDDDSHIT HOLY FUCK MOTHER-FFFFFFUUUUCK. WHY jesus christ why did i decide to watch this movie?????!!! HUUUUUUUUFFFFFGGGGHHH.

My actual feels like just 2 minutes ago, crouched in the closet, whining, making guttural, dying-animal sounds on the floor, rolling around, questioning my existence, just total goddamn breakdown. I was at the part where he’s heading back to the concert hall and gets hit by a FUCKING 18 WHEELER. I mean WTF???!! Are you even trying to keep your audience alive!! I mean if i watched this in the theater i would have freeakin ran out of there, out the theater and out the fucking city, i mean wthelll!!! Jesus I haven’t  felt this much stress sincee….I DONT EVEN KNOW!! I’m fuckin chill as fuck most of the time and man godd wtf i just lost it, lost it. Several times too! after that first fuckin cymbal-throwing scene and everything after to the half way mark i thought i was fiiine, like yeah i freaked out a lot but that fucking car crash pushed me over the edge. Great directing. Great acting. This movie is just ^^^^^^TOP TOP TOP. I’m not- I can’t even- wowowowow. Okay I gotta get back to watching it haha. FREAK OUT OVER. Final detail: I’ve felt less scared/tense in horror movies. I’ve felt less tense in all my feels in horror films COMBINED. WHIPLASH SHOULD BE CATEGORIZED AS A HORROR MOVIE. This movie makes me shit my pants. *Sorry for all the profanity* -_________________-

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