Late to adulting

Or early? I just applied for my first credit card after researching a couple dozen and reading articles on The Balance and NerdWallet and basically Googling everything.

AP Microeconomics still helpful.

Anyways I do have a weird time learning financial things. It’s fun because the knowledge is liberating. Did you know I can consolidate my federal loans, if I have a low income, into an income repayment plan that has lower monthly payments that I guess are forgiven after 20-25 years? There’s also a graduated plan which increases monthly payments over the years – good if your income increases and saves money on interest ofc.

There are a lot of online app banks out there now. Like Monzo, SoFi and Empower – which I might use. You can earn interest on your checking account funds…which is kinda wild. I need more reviews to read though – preferably by reputable sites. I love the freedom and convenience of mobile banking, and it makes money seem less grimy and (in an unusual sense) a nicer idea to organize. Remove the friction = increase freedom

Suddenly Earnin seems like a good idea as well.

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