School today

Soundtrack: Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield 

Recently junior year’s ongoings have been regular, but my stain-glassed foggy glasses have changed experience coming through them into prismatic pools of light – seemingly different colors and emotions. There’s chocolate on the keyboards and it’ll probably still be there by the time I read this again. What I’m saying is that there’s a normality to daily routine. A romantic sheen has coated my boredom, but not in the way I used to skew memories and reality with distant distillation and music. I see how poor school life is for me, not thinking much to accept these surroundings. I’m not so naively pessimistic either and maybe that’s where this new lightness has come from. Contrastedly there’s the pressure from AP Exams, you know I can’t read anymore? Not this textbook listing of facts. It’s unbearable sometimes, but I’ve sworn off literature until after they’ve passed. There are also classes like Precal and Physics; I’m floundering in both. Boredom has come to completely represent stupidity and not complete understanding. I didn’t want to have to worry about grades when preparing for exams….and these are the few dull things bothering me today now forgotten by Daniel Nguyen of later. I’m listening to Elliot Smith covers and remembering that at least I still have emotions. I know that sounds pitifully teenage-y, but I’m not cool or smart enough to phrase impressions any other way. Might just delete this later.

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