So Gilmore Girls has been my drug for the past few days, inhibiting any homework getting done so like always I’m gonna fail spring semester. on top of my failed academic dreams it’s also gotten me back into milo ventimiglia…and darn what a tragedy. Looking him up on Tumblr it’s hard to dodge the gg posts and some have already spoiled upcoming episodes. Agh oh well thanks milo god

hi future daniel this is present/past daniel speaking to you and yeah gg is great and am just finished the sixth season, now just one more woohoo, or boohoo? Maybe i should be sad but that’s okay i think the wind will blow in another direction soon. gg actually ended up improving my grades, thank paris for the inspiration. Unfortunately I’m doing horridly academically at the moment. The worse I’ve ever done actually, I mean things are getting harder and I’m just flat out drowning. Psychology-B. A B. Math anything is sucking the credit out of my transcript. “oh no what happened here” people will think. And i’ll say-nothing just chaos, can’t explain it. I’m constantly sad about this and the overall pointlessness of me rn, but this conclusion doesn’t come with a solution, I’m just hoping future daniel isn’t so hopelessly lost. good luck!

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