How I got my first full-time job out of college

This actually isn’t much of a post! I do want to say that it’s hard, and you’ll doubt yourself a thousand times over. But the application process is really a process of grit – eventually you’ll find the right position.

A lot of it is also fine-tuning the details – making sure your online presence is updated and that in person your printed materials match the ones you applied with. I brought a printed slide deck to my interview with details on the company, why I was excited to join and sections on my pertinent experience and inexperience. If you get to the stage where you’re really excited to start a new job, it helps to focus on that excitement too.

I’d also recommend a balance between quantity and quality. If you have strong details then you have more weight for each application. Everything gets better – the process of adjusting, the preparation on top of your preparation and the eventual job itself. Top skills to practice presenting include: collaboration (your experience in teams), willingness to learn/take feedback and grow, responsiveness to deadlines and …enthusiasm. Enthusiasm for specifics helps a lot. For me that included love of books, book culture, specific aspects of the office that were nerdy and good for my manager to know that I knew..

There’s a lot more to each individual application, but I think I’ll just cut it off there for now. If you’re at all interested in books, book culture, book publishing, etc. please consider applying to my workplace: Hachette Book Group! They’re hiring for multiple intern positions this upcoming semester.

Applicable New York positions (too many other cities to include here – check their careers page for that):

Editorial Intern at Basic Books! 2019-2020

Fall 2019 Marketing Intern Quercus

This Editorial Assistant position at the new manga division – pro if you know Japanese!

Alright, bye, 👋

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