omg long Instagram caption on work/life and yes!

ahhh long (messy, boring!) post: I forget to take videos but werk is rlly good!! I just spent hours(2:45/5:10~) revising content drafts todsyv – which actually ..take a long time for each post.. we commission our contributors from bookriot, and I drafted a couple today you want to talk about race, the books by that author who wrote yes means yes, brain on fire, some new book content on David Baldacci.

sorry work is sort of boring to write and read about, but I find it interestinganf exciting ATM. hmu if u want to hear more! or just keep reading.

i attended and took minutes for my first social media working group meeting –//everyone who does social across all imprints gather for an hour~ to talk ideas/updates. that was pretty Early (10(

b4 that I .. updated our new books on sale on our homepage!! couple cool new books in. I’m interested in a nonbinary author who wrote a book against free speech? .. might cop if I spot a copyX

the least “work” thing I did today was spend (way too mucb) timev looking at different fake flowers and random fairy lights??? to stock our new social media production room with. we had 800???dollars for just props and im way under budget but idek what else to buy without being dumb. so I was failing at my task to shop online. I tried UO bc they have cuteand overpriced things lol

on my coworkers: so the ppl at Hachette are mostly friendly. they’re known for that in the industry..some odd bits of my earlier research being tested irl. I met and had lunch with a graphic designer for Grand Central who started same day as me, and she offered to walk to Central Park with me for lunch someday and hang out on the weekends since she lives next door in crown heights. and….on the bad side I’m tbh intimidated by some of the social media ppl! some are so sweet and luckily everyone I work with in marketing strategy is 💗💗💗.

on like ..completing tasks: everytime I think I do something slightly bad I freaaak out, and my manager is always like nah it’s perfect. She’s super organized herself, so it can be a bit like “I have to be perfect 2!” but the pressure is all in my head. I’d rather have an incredibly competent boss than a disorganized one anyways. her character definitely rubs off on me. same on the opposite end with, for example, disorganized professors. if a professor sucked in their fields, then my scholarship usually suffered. 💩

on work/life balance33: love the pace of publishing. All posts are scheduled and prepared in advance and projects are always so thought out. that means I can either keep iterating or not think about work unless I’m at work.

some random culture: the phrase “best practices” gets thrown around a lot. thanks for reading to the end💤💤 I am gonna write a longer blog post on this for future documentation.

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