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Where does originality come from. The wise always say it starts with imitation, but doesn’t that sound counter-intuitive? Be yourself by first applying elements of another’s persona. Ah maybe I’m just confusing myself with the terminology.. Originality or greatness. To be truthful: I took this from Kill Your Darlings. The small clip when Professor Steaves writes and says, “Greatness comes from imitation”, or something along those lines. Ginsberg doesn’t look so convinced. I truly believed it though(prior to KYD), but now I’m questioning everything. I mean yes, everyone has to start somewhere if tabula rasa is real. We are shaped by our experiences, but I also think by the people we’re around and draw influence from either willingly or subconsciously. Is it possible to have entirely unique experiences, devoid of mainstream culture and pass paradigms? Well, one would need extremely radical parents. The more I think of it, the more it seems absolutely impossible. I can’t even fathom a family like that, though I can some who come very, very close, but never fulfill the characteristics established above. Like a hyperbola; getting infinitely close but never crossing that asymptote. Ha! I found it: posterity…Um too late now, but yes it means all future generations (of people). To be honest, I don’t think that model is even desirable. Certain aspects of our already established society should be kept, while some should definitely be thrown away. But how can we as the people agree upon what is changed and what is not? When something from the long-standing paradigm is extirpated, their will be a reaction that instigates further changes that will climax in an uncontrollable succession of radical movements, then the original intention of the moderates will be lost among the cloud of crazed revolutionaries.

omg long Instagram caption on work/life and yes!

ahhh long (messy, boring!) post: I forget to take videos but werk is rlly good!! I just spent hours(2:45/5:10~) revising content drafts todsyv – which actually ..take a long time for each post.. we commission our contributors from bookriot, and I drafted a couple today you want to talk about race, the books by that author who wrote yes means yes, brain on fire, some new book content on David Baldacci.

sorry work is sort of boring to write and read about, but I find it interestinganf exciting ATM. hmu if u want to hear more! or just keep reading.

i attended and took minutes for my first social media working group meeting –//everyone who does social across all imprints gather for an hour~ to talk ideas/updates. that was pretty Early (10(

b4 that I .. updated our new books on sale on our homepage!! couple cool new books in. I’m interested in a nonbinary author who wrote a book against free speech? .. might cop if I spot a copyX

the least “work” thing I did today was spend (way too mucb) timev looking at different fake flowers and random fairy lights??? to stock our new social media production room with. we had 800???dollars for just props and im way under budget but idek what else to buy without being dumb. so I was failing at my task to shop online. I tried UO bc they have cuteand overpriced things lol

on my coworkers: so the ppl at Hachette are mostly friendly. they’re known for that in the industry..some odd bits of my earlier research being tested irl. I met and had lunch with a graphic designer for Grand Central who started same day as me, and she offered to walk to Central Park with me for lunch someday and hang out on the weekends since she lives next door in crown heights. and….on the bad side I’m tbh intimidated by some of the social media ppl! some are so sweet and luckily everyone I work with in marketing strategy is 💗💗💗.

on like ..completing tasks: everytime I think I do something slightly bad I freaaak out, and my manager is always like nah it’s perfect. She’s super organized herself, so it can be a bit like “I have to be perfect 2!” but the pressure is all in my head. I’d rather have an incredibly competent boss than a disorganized one anyways. her character definitely rubs off on me. same on the opposite end with, for example, disorganized professors. if a professor sucked in their fields, then my scholarship usually suffered. 💩

on work/life balance33: love the pace of publishing. All posts are scheduled and prepared in advance and projects are always so thought out. that means I can either keep iterating or not think about work unless I’m at work.

some random culture: the phrase “best practices” gets thrown around a lot. thanks for reading to the end💤💤 I am gonna write a longer blog post on this for future documentation.

How I got my first full-time job out of college

This actually isn’t much of a post! I do want to say that it’s hard, and you’ll doubt yourself a thousand times over. But the application process is really a process of grit – eventually you’ll find the right position.

A lot of it is also fine-tuning the details – making sure your online presence is updated and that in person your printed materials match the ones you applied with. I brought a printed slide deck to my interview with details on the company, why I was excited to join and sections on my pertinent experience and inexperience. If you get to the stage where you’re really excited to start a new job, it helps to focus on that excitement too.

I’d also recommend a balance between quantity and quality. If you have strong details then you have more weight for each application. Everything gets better – the process of adjusting, the preparation on top of your preparation and the eventual job itself. Top skills to practice presenting include: collaboration (your experience in teams), willingness to learn/take feedback and grow, responsiveness to deadlines and …enthusiasm. Enthusiasm for specifics helps a lot. For me that included love of books, book culture, specific aspects of the office that were nerdy and good for my manager to know that I knew..

There’s a lot more to each individual application, but I think I’ll just cut it off there for now. If you’re at all interested in books, book culture, book publishing, etc. please consider applying to my workplace: Hachette Book Group! They’re hiring for multiple intern positions this upcoming semester.

Applicable New York positions (too many other cities to include here – check their careers page for that):

Editorial Intern at Basic Books! 2019-2020

Fall 2019 Marketing Intern Quercus

This Editorial Assistant position at the new manga division – pro if you know Japanese!

Alright, bye, 👋

Movies to watch and love



and it’s sequel Yoga Hosers.

Article about the trilogy:

The Way He Looks….finally, the sequel!

recommended by andreii-tarkovsky:

Death by Hanging

Summer 2019

Summer 2019 has, in unceremonious fashion, unofficially/officially ended for me. Near the mid-point of the twenty summers past, I usually forget my goals. Motivation phase-shifts into lethargy and even that soon fades – days drag by in a limbo state and I wait, meting out the possibility of less and less change.

At this point I usually ask myself what I did over the summer. I .. mostly chill. I apply to things without applying myself. I get lost a lot. I think of these words like a bad commercial. For a phone. Or unnecessary wearable tech gadget. That’s also edible. We work. We strive. We.. sit on the toilet.

Notes on Office Life

cropping out my manager’s name. The office has two stories. I sit on the fourth floor!

Here are some quick notes and updates on my first week as the Consumer Marketing Assistant in Executive Marketing Strategy at Hachette Book Group:

Dress code:

  • Fridays people wear jeans and more casual wear. Plain white sneakers and other monotone closed-toe shoes are acceptable. Polos have been spotted!
  • notes from my manager: sneakers are ok – untucked shirts are ok – personal style is ok – jeans are ok !!!
  • Not ok: no ripped jeans or shorts.
  • Plaid is …also ok apparently! 

Some office life thoughts:

  • Tough question: what about the office doesn’t sit right with me….what does work? Basically, as a new hire, what do i think about the office environment? It’s a priority that I feel comfortable. I can’t think of anything, because I like the office so much that I even have a hard time leaving at the end of each day (which I’m low-key trying to play cool). My manager caught me staying past my required hours on Friday and I tried to play it off like I was charging my phone – which I was !
  • Professional relationships between supervisors and assistants, assistants and the supervisors of their supervisors, and more: my manager is very friendly. She has brought up the fact that I am young and connected to the youth and more in the know. I don’t know if I know anything about all that. But I definitely have friends who are/do know.
  • Office environment: as I sit right next to probably the most beautiful Take Shelf in the entire office, I do get lots of people near my desk all day. I’m also located in front of the printer room and a conference room which are also infrequent sources of noise. Usually people aren’t loudly talking in the office, but it does happen and this can be kind of distracting. 
  • As I noted earlier in the week: sometimes people aggregate near the spiral take shelf next to my desk, but that’s okay. I can always move to a common area or just put in headphones.

Final points of note: I can’t believe every time I see the CEO just walking around like a regular ol’ Joe! I wonder if he feels like his position has warded him off from new hires. Would love to say hi to him one day and introduce myself. The amount of times I’ve spotted him my first week (3-4 times?) has been alarming in an office of 450 employees.

Despite my attempts to keep my pile of to-be-reads low, I have already stock-piled several free books digitally and through the online lending library and am inevitably going to collect more. I am also unsure what to do with my two drawers, shelves, and file cabinet. Currently I have a belt, my expired passport from orientation day, and the packets from training awkwardly settled among the empty spaces.

Late to adulting

Or early? I just applied for my first credit card after researching a couple dozen and reading articles on The Balance and NerdWallet and basically Googling everything.

AP Microeconomics still helpful.

Anyways I do have a weird time learning financial things. It’s fun because the knowledge is liberating. Did you know I can consolidate my federal loans, if I have a low income, into an income repayment plan that has lower monthly payments that I guess are forgiven after 20-25 years? There’s also a graduated plan which increases monthly payments over the years – good if your income increases and saves money on interest ofc.

There are a lot of online app banks out there now. Like Monzo, SoFi and Empower – which I might use. You can earn interest on your checking account funds…which is kinda wild. I need more reviews to read though – preferably by reputable sites. I love the freedom and convenience of mobile banking, and it makes money seem less grimy and (in an unusual sense) a nicer idea to organize. Remove the friction = increase freedom

Suddenly Earnin seems like a good idea as well.